Credit Is Due

The OpenCage Geocoder is built from great open source products and uses equally great open data to make it all work. This is what's under the API. Most of the products and data we use have a follow up link to each product's additional data sources. It's a worthwhile exercise to click through to see just how much open geo-data there is in the world.


Nominatim and OpenStreetMap

Data OpenStreetMap and contributors under ODbL. GPL v2.

We're proud to support OpenStreetMap by being corporate members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.



Data contributors and licenses are on the about page. Source code dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.



Data under CC-BY. Data sources page.



Data under CC-BY. Apache 2.0.



The what3words Server Software converts searches that are compatible with what3words into geographic co-ordinates, and converts geographic co-ordinates into what3words.

Yahoo GeoPlanet

Yahoo GeoPlanet

Data under CC-BY.

Data under OS OpenData licence. Data sources page.

Under The API

What makes the OpenCage geocoder run? We're glad you asked ...

The OpenCage geocoder is an aggregating API. Every query you shoot at the API generates calls to the various back-end geocoders we have installed.

The bulk of the geocoder code is written in Perl, apart from the back-end geocoders which are written in a whole plethora of languages. You can read more about how we use Perl in this interview we did with Built in Perl in Nov. 2017.

Please take a peak at the various software projects we've opensourced .

The API is served by Apache and the whole lot runs on top of servers running ubuntu, a version of Linux.

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